Sunday, August 17, 2008

So me and my two boys are sick. It is great let me tell you! Anderson is a chuck a monk. Really a fattie! at least compared to davin at that age. So several things james got turned down for this promo and is wanting to move to Portland. He says that we are living in the country. I say that this is not the country compared to where I grew up. James grew up in San Fransico so from that to Eugene it is totally country. I really like it here though eventhough it doesn't have everything that I want but that is god not to have the high end designer stores here and various restaurants that we are used to. That is why we are so much in debt is because of those things and with those not in this area we don't spend that type of money. So we might move to Portland who knows though.
Second when Anderson got his penis cut it totally did not look right. It was all cut up. So I made an appointment with a specialist who is not covered by insurance so I totally do not know what to do. Especailly now since I haven't really been touching his penis lately and now his forskin has moved back over his penis like he was never cut. I am really trying not to freak out but it is hard not to. I am going to try and figure out how to put picks up and make my blog really cute so keep it touch. Chao

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh and since last time my father in law came up three days before he started his new job to look for places. he had nothing prepared to go look at and only went cause James took him up to Portland the weekend before Anderson was to be born. James even offered without telling me to way later to pay for the down deposit on a place (apt). Well when they are up there they are there during the time when everyone is at lunch, so they got nothing accomplished except for getting an apt guide magazine from a grocery store. On Sun he said he found a place that was going to rent him a room which turned out to be some place for crack heads or whatever so he turned that down. Come monday he was so tired from communiting to Portland and working that he ended up staying in a hotel for the next couple of days. My in laws thought that it would be totally fesable for my father in law to commute, he realized fast that he couldn't and didn't want to! So he finally found some guy that he knows from his new job that is willing to rent him a room! Great that is taken care of. But what!!! what about the mother in law who refusing to talk to James because we pretty much told them that they can't live here for however long they wanted and that they needed to find a place to live (she thinks and says that we are going to make them homeless)??!! Well she is not talking to us as said, wont return phone calls, makes her husband call us to see what we want. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! So annoying GROW UP!!
So my father in law says that he thinks that he found a house that can work with him (whatever that means) and they can be in at the end of next month. And since my in laws are renting in Cali and told them that they were looking for another place to live that they then gave my in laws 30 day notice and now have to be out of that house in Cali before this house in Portland is available. So what happens with the mother in law? OH! she is staying with us!!!! GREAT!!!! A mother in law how has a bipolar disease, is mad at us already, will not do anything while she is here but sleep and annoy the crap out of me, while I have to deal with a newborn and a 16month old!!! Let me tell you I am totally looking forward to it!!! Got to go little one waking up. Love ya
Okay so my second child was born on the 16th of July. His name is Anderson Shane Weber if I didn't tell you guys already. He came in at 7 pounds 11.6 ounces and 21 inches long. He looks just like Davin when he was born. I went in a 6am to get induced, by 7 I had my water broken and started patosen (Sp), by the time my contractions were getting intense and receiving my ep my doctor is telling me to push!!! I am like what no way! My ep was finally kicking in as Anderson was coming out and was born at 8:48am. Just about a two hour birth. And only one stitch.
Since his birth Davin hates me wants nothing to do with me only wants his DADDY! Is throwing a dramatic increase in fits/tantrums and the past couple of days not taking a nap! It is difficult for Anderson to fall asleep without being nursed and prefers to sleep with me than in his crib, which makes it difficult for me to sleep and for Davin to cuddle with me like he used to. Anderson always wants to be held and not laid down and cries right before he poops. I am really happy to have another wonderful blessing (child) in my life, but all I seem to be finding is the negatives AND I really hate to be a crap and be negative; I am hoping that I snap out of it really fast cause it sucks!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Okay so real quick too while I am at it. My in laws; which I love and care for but really drive me crazy, which is the case for most. REALLY DRIVE ME CRAZY!!! My mother in law finally moved out as I mentioned and left her stuff, and room a complete mess!!! Then they are supposed to move up to Portland which is like 2hrs away. Which is great, but not at the same time. They are almost far enough that I could be assured they won't be at my house every weekend, but not. But if we need anything our want to go to Portland we can crash there and they can watch the kids!!!
But here is the thing my father inlaw starts his new job on the 14th next week. They still haven't packed let alone have a place to live. They haven't even started. They haven't come up here once to look in the 2months that they knew he got the job!!!! I am thinking that it is money issues cause since my mother in law has moved back to Cali (to pack and prepare to move) over a month ago, she has been going out playing BINGO!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! So now my father in law is coming up this weekend two days before his job starts to look for a place. He is going to have to stay with us. I have know idea what is going on because they are not living here that is for sure, especially since my parents are going to help with the baby and our parents do not get along together at all!!!
So what are they going to do? I don't know not my problem. Yet it is!!!! It freakin sucks!! My in laws are the worst procrastinators and I will be stuck in the middle!!!
Okay so I am on here. Davin is down and I had a sec to come on here, so here I am. Things have been crazy! The wedding in Cali was good. He better treat her good. I don't think I looked horribly ugly in my sea foam green dress being 8+ months pregnant. I went camping that wasn't to bad either, didn't think I could have done it (being unfortable) but I did it and it was fine. My mother in law finally left; the same weekend we went to Cali. She left all her crap in my house and in a mess!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! But whatever! I cleaned the room and moved all her stuff into the garage-preparing for #2 baby!!! Speaking of which is due like any sec., but really on the 16th. I am kinda nervous but not. I think I am a pretty good mom, but it is the whole two kids under 16months type thing that I am freakin out about. I finally quit my job on the 4th. It feels weird now not working, but I want to really spead this time with Davin and preparing myself for next week. We are now totally poor again, but what else is new. Things keep coming up and its like we can never get ahead.
I am having a shower for the baby and all I asked for was $, diapers and wipesl which I think is alot considered I couldn't ask anyone to shell out money to buy me a new stroller for 2, bedding, and things that we are realizing we will need for Davin once the baby arrives. I am totally not ready or set up for the baby. I just hope he doesn't come early. I am being such a procratinator! For those who don't know baby#2 name is going to be Anderson Shane. Wierd I know but I am crazy like that! I hope he is totally healthy and normal. I don't know if that is consided to ask that he is normal, but with so many clinical disorders out there I think that that is difficult for me not to ask. My husband doesn't understand, I think that is because he is not the one is essence caring, nurturing etc., the baby. I feel like it is all one me. Which I know isn't, but still!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

so my baby boy (the one that is born not in stomach) turned one last weekend. It was kinda crazy we had relatives in town (which that did not work out, trying to get people to get along and hang out together) and we had a bday party at our place. Kids were all over the place, our house was packed. Our son only wanted to play outside in the sand box in the pouring rain. He didn't care at all that it was raining or if anyone was going to play with him or not. He hated his birthday cake, and did not want to eat it only wanted the icing wiped off of his hands and or was trying to feed it to the other kids. He also could care less about the presents that other people got for him, the other kids were more excited and playing with the toys than he was.
My other baby is starting to get really big (at least it is really noticeable now that I am pregnant) so there is no more diening it.
I had to go to Davids Bridal last week to get my brides maid dress for my friends wedding that I am in. Which is in June a month before the baby is due. IT's in CALI in the AFTERNOON. If anyone has been to California, totally know that it is HOT there in the summer especially in the afternoon, especially being NINE MONTHS PREGNANT!!! I don't know how that is going to go but we will see.
Things are going well with the mother in law living with us. Well it is getting better. Which is better than before.
I am going to try my hardest to get on here more often, you guys need to help me remember especially know because I am a total retard with this pregnancy it is not even funny!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hello everyone so once again it has taken me ages to get on here its ridiculous. So anyways for those who don't know, my husband (James) and I just found out last week that we are 6 months pregnant and we are having a boy! I know that sounds crazy, especially to us! Why didn't we know sooner? I have no freakin clue, denial I guess, but really I have no idea. I guess over the past months I thought that we could be pregnant (because I kinda wanted to be) but we have been really careful not to because I just started a job. I just thought that my stomach was swollen from my pancreas (had problems in the past) and/or that I was just eating to much and not working out hard enough. I had no morning sickness even though I was sick with the flu etc. over the past months, I have had no menstrual cycle due to breastfeeding. So was I in complete denial or not? Who knows. My mother in law is also living with us right now. That seems to be going okay. She keeps her distance, but still occasionally gets on my nerves, especially when I come home from work and my house is not clean. Its not like I expect her to be my maid or anything but clean up after yourself and my son. You know when I am going to be home so help me be less stressed out about having to come home to a dirty house and then have to clean up after everone else. Anyways HAPPY EASTER to everyone out there. Talk to you later.